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Perspectives on Patriotism

Most generations are molded by catastrophes. Our grandfathers were shaped by the Great Depression and Pearl Harbor, Baby Boomers by President Kennedy’s assassination and Vietnam, and Millennials by 9/11. Millennials reached voting age in a time of intense political polarity. Eighty-four percent of them can’t envision a day where terrorism isn’t a threat. Their values are reshaped by instant information that exposes the corruption and failures of those in power, adding to distrust. The attitudes of Millennials toward the military are more disillusioned than previous generations. In a 2007 poll, 70% said they were unwilling to join the military. They have a significantly lower number of military veterans than previous generations. A majority disagree that peace is ensured through military strength, reject American exceptionalism, eschew patriotic jingoism, and are turned off by flag waving. In this session, our guests will be Billy and Karen Vaughan, who lost a Navy SEAL son in Afghanistan. They have been featured on television shows across America. Their book, Betrayed, challenges what they call “America’s criminal rules of engagement that unnecessarily put its troops in harm’s way.” What they share, as well as the ensuing interview, will bring into view the stark issues of patriotism and show us where to begin the dialogue on how to balance biblically our roles as citizens of heaven living in a world of real and present danger.


Perspectives on Patriotism
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